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8 Tips To Know Sigelei E1 80W TC Kit

Sigelei has always been the favorite e-cigarette brand of senior vapers. This brand has a special personal design style, and its vaping effect has always been loved by everyone. Now, in order to get a better Starter Kit for more friends who want to try vaping, Sigelei has launched its Sigelei E1 80W TC Kit.

What is Sigelei E1 80W TC Kit?

8 Tips To Know Sigelei E1 80W TC Kit

8 Tips helps you to know it

Sigelei E1 kit size: 35.5 x 25.5 x 85.5mm

The Sigelei E1 kit consists of the Sigelei E1 80W TC Box Mod and Sigelei SM2-H Atomizer, which can be used separately.

The Sigelei E1 kit is powered by a single 18650 battery and achieves a maximum output of 80W

The Sigelei SM2-H Atomizer has a 2ml e-juice capacity, which is also available in the EU.

The Sigelei E1 kit features a 0.96 inch display for a more intuitive data display
Coil materials supported by Sigelei E1kit include: Kanthal/Titanium/Ni200/SS (304/316/317)

The output modes supported by Sigelei E1 kit include: POWER/Ti1/316/Ni200/SS (304/316/317)

The Sigelei E1 kit supports charging via the charging port. Whether it is connected to a computer or a wall charger, it can be charged very well.

Sigelei E1 kit supports replacement coil resistance range: 0.05 ohm-3.0 ohm

Then this is the Sigelei E1 80W TC Kit, do you like it?

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