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Efficient plastic waist recommend 4 Vegetable and Fruit diet

Many diet food, fruit and vegetable has the effect can not be ignored. Want to thin waist, Vegetable & Fruit diet can help. Here we recommend 4 kinds of fruit and vegetable diet, help you succeed waist type!

1, Fresh Carrot Juice + honey diet
Carrot weight loss and honey to lose weight before is not what strange things. Honey has detoxification effect, and honey can also play the role of Runchang catharsis, the habitual constipation crowd is particularly appropriate, while the carrot contains a variety of vitamins, carotene and a variety of minerals, two ingredients together, can achieve more beauty, solve the swelling of the face, and to eliminate edema problems. The thin face effect is very good. Its production method is very simple, as long as the morning fasting drink a cup of fresh squeezed Fresh Carrot Juice, then add a spoonful of honey, stir and will be able to eat. It will help you to reshape the face!

2, corn and winter melon soup diet recipes
Wax gourd and corn can eliminate edema fat, is a best cookbook. Wax gourd and corn stir together stir into juice, drink can play a face lift effect! Its production method is very simple, corn and wax gourd into the pot boiled, add a little seasoning salt, remember, don't add too much salt, otherwise it will have the opposite effect. Wax gourd is rich in moisture, melon weight loss is mainly for scraping oil, eliminate edema, diuretic, continuing to drink 1-2 months, can effectively eliminate edema face and body. On the face and slimming effect is very good. Corn slimming effect is very good also, corn is rich in dietary fiber, can be decomposed and reduced body fat absorption, weight loss can play a great help.

3, celery juice with milk
Celery diet and milk weight loss is to lose weight the method commonly used, is widely accepted. Celery is a high fiber diet, rich in vitamins and amino acid content of celery. Through the intestinal digestion to produce a lignin or intestinal lipid substances, these substances is an antioxidant, often eat celery, especially to eat celery leaves, on the prevention of hypertension, arteriosclerosis and so very useful, and the role of adjuvant therapy, but also can reduce swelling, promote blood circulation, can also disinfection.
Slimming milk must choose the high calcium and low calcium type. The lactose in milk can promote the absorption of the intestinal wall on calcium, absorption rate as high as 98%, so as to regulate calcium metabolism, maintain serum calcium concentration, promote bone calcification. Milk for jiubingtixu, Qi and blood deficiency, malnutrition, ye Ge nausea, stomach and duodenum ulcer, diabetes, constipation, the effect is very good. Milk and celery together is the weight loss cure.
Method for making the celery juice with milk is also very simple, wash the celery, pressed into juice, add the milk and mix in after you eat. Eat two times a day, can promote fat burning, play a face lift effect.

4, papaya milk juice
Papaya is a very good weight loss! Papaya is also called Rugua, rich in carotene, fiber and a lot of digestive enzymes and vitamins, has the lipolytic effect. In addition to help breast development, papaya also has good effect for slimming and beauty.Choose fresh ripe papaya, peeled, go nuclear, cut block, add fresh milk, put in blender, add a little honey, stirring after will be able to eat.

The Vegetable and Fruit diet, we can reasonably in their weight loss diet, so that you can easily eat a small waist!
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