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SMOK i-Priv AI Kit | Presenting As a Muscle Man

Looking at this guy, SMOK i-Priv Kit, feeling the muscle of it, I am stunned by it at first sight. It is absolutely my taste. Big body, unique design and huge power all delight me in every aspects. Holding it, I can really feel the weight of it and the build is of good quality.

What is SMOK I Priv AI Kit? SMOK i-Priv kit looks like a superman with strong muscles. It is equipped with a TFV12 Prince tank. The SMOK also named it the warrior, which gives people the first impression of a strong and brave fighter. In deed, this i-Priv kit is in name and in fact. It is a warrior. Being powered by 21700/18650/20700 battery, the vape can fire up to 230W. It could produce a huge cloud. Besides, the screen is designed as a shield that a warrior wears in the battlefield. You can view all the data from this display screen.

SMOK i-Priv Kit is every male vapers’ dream. Taking it out to vape really demonstrates your masculinity. However, for girls, this one is obvious not the perfect one because it is a little big and heavy for girls to play.

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