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Very Happy With Lemo 2

Imagine a kay-fun lite, only much wider airflow for lung inhales, and slightly less flavor (more airy less concentrated), that is how I would best describe the lemo 2 . I've done two rebuilds on it so far, and it's already become my favorite topper. I'm building with ni200 wire, 9 wraps on a 7/64 drill bit, it comes in at .20 (but reads as .13 on my evic-vt). I run it at 460 to 520F. No problems with wicking with 50/50 juice. No leaking problems. Only gurgling was directly after a rebuild and only for the first few draws. Flavor has been outstanding IMO. Very warm, wet, saturated vape experience. It's so good, I can't put it down. My bottles have unicorn tips so it's super easy to refill the tank (always refill with the airflow closed and the tank laying horizontal on a table). If you use dropper bottles or fat stubby nose bottles you'll likely have a harder time with the refills, fine something smaller to help fill it in that case. I mount my coils same as factory installed coil, bending the leads sideways and inserting into the capture holes. That was a little strange to get used to at first (am used to mounting directly on the screw heads up top) but I find it actually is better this way since it allows for longer cotton wick tails and raising the coil higher over the massive air flow hole. And the air flow on this guy truly is massive for a tank. Very happy with this roducts !

The Lemo 2 is the upgraded version over its predecessor. New and updated features of the Lemo 2 include a new way to fill your tank with more convenience than ever before. On the build deck, the Lemo 2 uses a PEEK insulator for a less corrosive resistant material. The Lemo 2, just like the original Lemo, comes prebuilt with a nice 0.5Ω coil that is all ready to go right out of the box.

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