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How To Adjust The Functions Of X Cube 2 ?

The 160W X Cube II mod have A lots of fun , you know how to realize the function it made ?

On the ignition button to enter under any condition according to three consecutive feature selection model.
In the case of into function selection mode, continue to press the ignition switch to the next function selection, marking selected this feature set for 3 seconds, function is divided into six most of the menu.
1: bluetooth project selection
2: host output mode selection
3: beside the host non-mainstream entertaining diversions options
4: smoking mouth set
5: set up the miscellaneous (screen adjustment, screen brightness adjustment, direction of screen display, time setting, upgrade option)
6: the host power supply options

When the user selects in the temperature control mode, after choosing the output style will continue to appear the following menu of dc mode, pressurization mode respectively.(order is indicated according to the actual picture), of course, the specific performance in the taste what players friends to understand I would not be in this here.
It is really a goos mod you need to owm , click on http://www.xcube2.org/smok-x-cube-ii-mod.html to buy one !

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