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Low calorie vegetables make you crazy to lose weight

What kind of Food can make you lose weight easily? In fact, as long as eat some low calorie vegetables can make you crazy thin non-stop Oh, those who are obese with MM rushed over to have a look.

Low calorie diet vegetables: bamboo shoots
Recommended diet: shredded bamboo shoots
Think of bamboo shoots seem and types of meat mix, so many girls in the weight loss period of bamboo shoot some taboo. Actually shoot not only super low in calories, but the body is of dietary fiber, and potassium content is also very rich, to eliminate the body edema and promote gastrointestinal digestion and metabolism are very effective. In addition, multi eat bamboo shoots can relieve constipation problem, for abdominal obesity crowd is also very suitable.

Low calorie diet vegetables: bean sprouts
Bean sprouts into mung bean and bean sprouts, because Nostoc so bean sprouts contain rich moisture, fiber and vitamins. And bean sprouts are also rich in dietary fiber, can help prevent constipation.

Recommended diet: fried bean sprouts and green pepper
If you feel that the nutritional value of mung bean and soybean is already very high, then the bean sprouts in the germination process nutrients will be refined, more conducive to the absorption and utilization of the human body. Heat and winter melon bean sprouts bean sprouts with not much difference between, but remove the vessel wall fat and cholesterol effect of Qingchang detoxification,, is very beneficial to lose weight.

Low calorie diet vegetables: Mustard
Have to say, the mustard is a very powerful transpiration food. It can instantly improve our body temperature, improve the efficiency of The new supersedes the old. But mustard can also inhibit fat growth, very helpful for weight loss. We use mustard when eating sushi, so what other mustard Food?

Recommended diet: cold Black Fungus with Mustard Sauce
Fungus is a GI scavenger, stubborn garbage can help us to clear the body, and a very low heat. And mustard with Bancheng dish, can be said to be together, to help us lose weight.
The fungus in the water soak, torn into small pieces, and then placed in boiling water boiled out. Cold after they drain, into the container, add the mustard, soy sauce, sugar and sesame oil stir. Seal cold storage after an hour in the fridge can take out to eat.

Low calorie diet vegetables: spinach
Recommended diet: boiled spinach soup
Methods of Chinese cabbage weight loss seems to be more to go, but when it comes to spinach seems rarely see. Spinach is rich in iron, is in the green leafy vegetables "tonic", maybe you from this misunderstanding spinach is high in calories. In fact the spinach heat than apple even lower half, and rich in minerals and trace elements, spinach also can remove toxins in the blood, laxative detoxification effect. So absolutely should not be eating spinach into limbo, in their diet add more spinach.

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