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Autumn eat melon weight loss recipes diuretic Cellulite

Melon weight loss principle
I believe a lot of weight loss MM tried to melon weight loss method, that is because the white gourd contains alcohol acid, this substance can inhibit carbohydrate into fat effectively, moreover melon was not fat, very low heat, for weight loss is the best food. Vitamin C rich melon, and rich in potassium, the potassium is an essential trace element, has a drainage detumescence, also containing sodium is low, the hypertension, kidney is not good, edema, have very good curative effect, can play the role of swelling pressure reduction.
Note the melon weight loss method:
Winter cold, Qi deficiency of spleen and stomach, diarrhea, loose stools, stomach ache eat cold winter; the woman during menstruation and cold dysmenorrhea unripe melon. A person with hyperactivity of fire due to yin deficiency should eat melon.
Recipe: Braised gourd
Ingredients: white gourd
Materials: white sugar, essence of chicken, oyster sauce, salt, soy sauce, soy sauce

Practice step braised wax gourd
1 white gourd peel to the flesh, the playing surface, spent a knife into the box.
2 heat oil in a pan, heat the oil into the wax gourd fried to four slightly golden, the melon cling to the pot edge, under the middle of white sugar stir sugar and melon pieces stir fry. Add salt, amount of soy sauce, soy sauce evenly let wax gourd.
3 plus a bowl of water, stir well cover with lid, stew cook until melon to ripe. Then add oyster sauce, chicken, fire close juice.
4 pot can be sprinkled with chopped green onion.

1 wax gourd surface play flower knife more easy tasty.
2 fried sugar must pay attention do not fried paste, not good grasp of what rather less to fry for a while, sugar quickly end when they add melon stir fry.
3 and finally the sauce when need not be too dry, use the soup bibimbap is a delicious.

Recipe two: fresh scallop soup
Ingredients: melon, scallops
Accessories: onion, ginger, coriander amount amount amount amount, oil, salt, pepper, white wine suitable

Practice step scallop soup
1 gourd wash everything for two, dug up a white gourd balls to dig the ball machine
2 Bertin adding a few drops of wine, a little salt, half teaspoon starch souse
3 the pot boil water, put half spoon of salt water, boiling water, melon ball, boiled water for 2 minutes
4 then quickly remove, cool water, then remove and drain water
5Put a little oil in the  pot, heat the oil into the onion ginger pot saute, and then boiled white gourd balls into the stir fry
6 add half pot of boiling water, according to personal taste, add a little salt or not
7 melon stew until fully mature translucent, add the marinated Bedin, after a minute off the fire
8, add a little pepper, sprinkle coriander cut.

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