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What Can We Expect From Yocan Delux Kit?


Brief Introduction

If you are the enthusiasts of Yocan, you can not miss the Yocan Delux Kit. The Yocan Delux is the world's first and only box mod vaporizer that doubles as a power bank. The kit includes a 510 thread atomizer that combines the coil options of the Evolve Plus with the convenience of the Magneto's magnetic atomizer tube.  The mini box Mod features the functional adjustable voltage option with three different power levels to customize your vaping experience. Besides, the unit is operated by a single button to keep things simple. 

The full vaporizer kit includes the large 1500mAh box mod and the smaller 450mAh box mod. The YoCan DeLux 2-in-1 Vaporizer Kit can be used for vaping concentrates or essential oils with the optional vaping systems that are offered within this starter kit.

The 450mAh mini box mod can be used with the included oil atomizer, presenting a leak-free top-fill system that is equipped with a tasteless ceramic coil that is sure to deliver the smooth and purest tastes. The mini box mod can be taken out but will begin charging as soon as it is placed back into the holster.


The package of Yocan DeLux Heating Kit comes with:

●1 x Yocan Delux Box Mod

●1 x Mini Box Mod

●1 x Oil Atomizer

●1 x 510 Threaded Concentrate Atomizer

●1 x Connector

●1 x Yocan Tool Box

●1 x Yocan Tool

●1 x Micro USB Charging Cable

●1 x User Manual

You can learn more and pick it from Yocan Delux Kit.

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