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All Secrets of Atomizer

1. What is the atomizer? 
The atomizer is the most important part of the e-cigarettes. Its function is that the healing core powered by batteries to heat the oil into vapor. The flavor and the quantity of vapor depend on the quality of atomizer.

2. The variety of atomizer
According to the structure of atomizer, it can be divided into two kinds, "oil drip" and "oil storage"

The type of "oil storage", as the name implies, has a storage device, which is usually made up of glass or steel; the type of "oil drip" has no storage device and we need to drip oil to the materials for conducting oil, like cotton. So we call it "oil drip".

3. The atomizer of "oil storage" &"oil drip"
The two have its characteristics. The atomizer of "oil storage" has a good flavor. Besides, there is no need adding oil fluently, which is the gospel of lazy-cancer players. But it has a tight structure so the reconstruction of atomizer is limited to some extent and also it is not better than that of "oil storage" in producing vapor. The atomizer of "oil drip" has no internal storage, flue and oil storage so the space for atomizer is big and it is easy to produce big smoke. At the same time, it has a simple structure so it is convenient for daily using and cleaning. We needn’t clean the oil storage after we change to oil of other flavors. But it is a bad experience that we need to add oil fluently.  

So if you just use it to quit smoking, I recommend the atomizer of "oil storage"; and if you like big smoke, "oil drip" is better.

4. "Flavor reference" and "smoke reference"
According to the function, the atomizer can be divided into "flavor reference" and "smoke reference".

So-called "flavor reference" take the way of mouth smoking like the traditional cigarettes. This type is usually used to replace traditional cigarettes. While smoke reference, we usually smoke it into the lungs and then spit it. Because its vapor is much bigger than "flavor reference", it is usually used to get big vapor or perform fancy tricks. Of course, many people use "smoke reference" to experience the rich flavor. So "flavor" and "big smoke" are relevant.
"Flavor reference" has a small mouth and air intake and vent, which is determined by the structure and the flavor. The small bore diameter can control the concentration of smoke well lest the smoke is attenuated by air influencing the flavor. "Smoke reference" is on the contrary. So we can identify the type of atomizer.
The players who like big smoke are recommended to "smoke reference" to meet their demands; "flavor reference" is designed for more delicate vaping.

5. "Finished atomizer" and "restorable atomizer"
According to the atomizing core, it can be divided into "finished atomizer" and "restorable atomizer".

The finished atomizer has been finished by the manufacturers. Users can change it directly, which is suitable for those who don’t have time making atomizing core by themselves. The flavor and function of it are more stable. But the cost is higher and we can’t adjust it according to our flavor reference. "Restorable atomizer" means we make it by ourselves. We can reuse the healing core, cotton and other elements to rebuild a new atomizer when the old one comes to an end. It can be also called "DIY atomizer". The usual RDA and RTA both belong to restorable atomizer. By DIY can we make the flavor and smoke of e-cigarettes more coordinating, smoke bigger and flavor richer.

6. Conclusions 
Whether the flavor or big smoke, we can choose finished atomizer if we just want to use e-cigarettes. If you regard vaping as a habit, then you can choose restorable atomizer. DIY atomizer is not very difficult as we imagined. By the structure, atomizer can be divided into "oil drip" and "oil storage"; by the function, it can be divided into "flavor reference" and "smoke reference"; by the atomizing core, it can be divided into "finished atomizer" and "restorable atomizer". Although it seems complex, we can choose it easily as long as we are sure of our purpose, which can avoid allodoxaphobia. Hope this passage can help more people to choose their suitable atomizer.

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