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Notes On Oranges

Experts have shown that oranges really have a weight loss effect. Because of the rich fiber in oranges, this water-soluble cellulose is entering our body.

If you want to get a good weight loss effect, then you can take an orange before meals every day. This can reduce appetite effectively, and play a very good effect of weight loss.

Although oranges contain a lot of vitamins, trace elements and other nutrients necessary for the body, it does not mean that taking oranges can make us healthier. Some precautions must be observed about eating orange, which is very useful for our body.

The details of eating oranges are as follows:
The first: not eating oranges during the medication.
Oranges contain rich acid and vitamins, if taking vitamin K and sulfa drugs eat oranges, not only affect the effectiveness of the drug, but also not conducive to physical health.

Second: Patients with Yin deficiency constitution should eat less oranges.
Chinese medicine thinks orange is warm, eating more easily get angry, so some patients with Yin deficiency in daily life should eat less orange.

Third: don't take it with milk.
Milk is rich in protein, and this orange acid and vitamin C will occur chemical reaction, not only affect digestion and absorption, but also lead to abdominal distension. So it's recommended that you don't drink milk before and after eating oranges an hour.

Fourth: you can't make tea with fresh orange peel.
Orange peel tea can promote digestion, and  it is good for the body. But you can't make tea with fresh orange peel. Because the fresh orange peel is mostly containing preservatives, if you take this orange peel tea, it is bad for your health.

Finally, if you're thinking about using weight-loss pills, you can try Tomato Plant. The weight loss drug also works well.

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