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8 essential kitchen gadgets to help lose weight

One of the healthy weight loss diet plan is the most important part of being prepared and planning for the future. A healthy body starts in your kitchen, because weight loss is involved in changing your eating habits for life. There are some key kitchen gadgets, gear to help you lose weight easier for you to prepare delicious healthy diet. Let's take a look at the kitchen gizmos are healthy meals and snacks are essential.

1, blenders

The mighty blender will ensure that you can whip up healthy meals and snacks at any time. Of course, the mixer is a kitchen gadget you go to the protein-packed, fiber-filled smoothie. But think beyond the morning smoothies. With powerful blender, you can easily create your own nut butter (full of heart-healthy fats, proteins and suppress hunger beneficial minerals), vegetable puree, red bean soup, whole wheat bread crumbs, pesto sauce, spicy sauce, guacamole and low-calorie frozen drinks. The possibilities are endless!

2, the metal steamed vegetables

This cheap metal kitchen gadget that allows you to steam vegetables and fish on your stove pot of boiling water. You can not add oil to prepare vegetables to keep the calorie count low, but high nutrient content (steam does not cause loss of water-soluble vitamins, like boiling). An additional benefit of this kitchen staple is a bargain hunters. Most cost less than $ 10.

3, Sharp, a chef's knife

High-quality, sharp chef's knife will allow you to tons of fruits and vegetables in the way of slicing and dicing the breeze. Do not bother to buy a large knife set in a luxurious wood countertops. Instead, invest in a really good chef's knife is about 8-10 inches long. If you cut the fruit and vegetables can be quickly and easily done, you will be more likely to eat.

4, Microplane / Zester

This tool works double duty. You can use it to fine grate cheese (grate it so small fragments, you do not use very end), and enthusiastic citrus fruits, low calorie, intense flavors added to your dishes. Enthusiasm lemons, limes and oranges will enhance the flavor of your meal, you cut the fat, salt and sugar, which are often used to provide flavor.

5. Oil CEOs

While the oil is definitely an important part of a healthy diet, usually, people use much more than is necessary for the end. Remember, a tablespoon of oil contains 120 calories and 14 grams of fat. With oil executives, which you fill the oil you prefer, you can lightly coated with a lot less at the bottom of the frying pan of oil - about 80% lower, in fact - than you use, if you pour directly from the bottle. It can also be used to gently sprayed with a small amount of salad dressing.

6, electronic kitchen scales

We all know that weight control is an important part of weight loss and a healthy diet. To make things easier on yourself and digital kitchen scales, show you exactly how much you are taking in.

7, small plates

Most kitchen board has grown to about 12 inches from a few decades ago a normal nine inches flat. Portion control is easy, when you buy more reasonable 9-inch tablet (now called "salad plate"), and as your plate.

8, Slow Cooker

This old standby is not only to cook the perfect roast beef. This is a great amount of cooking a large number of legumes, whole grains, soups and stews, of course, one-pot meals, such as chicken and grilled vegetables. This is the perfect who did not put a ton of free time to prepare a healthy eater.

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