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Long sitter tend to have bigger ass

People may have a feeling that much sitting will lead to the growth in one's ass size. Recently, the British Daily has published an article, defining this kind of phenomenon as "office hip".

"Office hip" formation is the main reason of the lack of exercise and diet is not healthy, and mention Israel tel aviv university researchers found that sedentary people coxal muscle tissue accumulation fat faster than the average person's fat cells accumulation speed two times.

Fat accumulation in fact is a directional property, human hip and lumbar abdomen is adipose accumulation is easier to the site. Plus sedentary family don't exercise for a long time, such as and like high sugar and fat food, formation of insulin resistance, caused lipid metabolism disorders, fat will be in these parts accumulation, it will worsen insulin resistance, form a vicious circle of obesity.

To eliminate the "office hip", the first to arrange your work, work not long sedentary, cultivate every half an hour and activities a habit, and maintain a certain amount of exercise a week, climb stairs, jogging is very good.
Suggestions on every day 40 minutes of walking, had better be to speed alternately walk, the first 20 minutes fast and 20 minutes after the slow alternate. Dietary respect guarantee every 5 ~ 6 kinds of fruits and vegetables intake, and all carbohydrate accounted for about 50% of the daily diet can.

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