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What Can We Expect From VapX Geyser 100W Pod Kit?

If you are looking for something to update your vape device, you can not miss the VapX Geyser 100W Pod Kit. It is an unique, powerful and high performance pod kit. Formed from durable yet lightweight magnesium alloy material, the Geyser features an extremely lightweight chassis and an ergonomic body ratio that is able to be carried around with ease.


The kit is powered by single 21700 battery with the max output of 100W, and the battery can be quickly charged through the Type-C interface. Moreover, Geyser Kit adopts Buck-Boost Tech to stabilize the battery voltage regardless of the remaining battery capacity to maintain the stability of the entire power performance.

VapX Geyser 100W Pod Kit

The kit includes two Pods of different capacities and types, namely: 5ml 75W Air Pod and 6.5ml 45W Air Pod. The Pod has dual filling ports and dual AFC airflow regulating valves on the top and sides. Dual AFC is a variable stepless air flow control mechanism to realize a wide range of vaping experiences.

VapX Geyser 100W Pod Kit

You can get from a Tight MTL vaping for the harmonious lingering flavor to a loose DTL experience for a robust concentrated intense flavor. Besides, VapX Geyser Pod is compatible with XCoil Family, they are a 15-75W single or dual air mesh AIO coils for full range distinct flavors.

The package of VapX Geyser Pod Mod Kit

With Battery Edition Comes With:
1* Geyser Mod
1* Dual AFC 45W Pod w/ Air Mesh
1* Dual AFC 75W Pod w/ Air Mesh
1* Single Air Mesh Max. 45W XCoil Model 10
1* Single Air Mesh Max. 75W XCoil Model 15s
1* 18650 Sleeve
1* 1.2m Type-C Cable
1* 4000mAh Max. 80A Imported from Japan Sony 21700 Battery

You can learn more and use code GEYS to get a special price from VapX Geyser 100W Pod Kit.

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