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How to buy electronic cigarette

Among the many e-cigarette brands, how to choose the e-cigarette brand that is suitablefor them, I believe that will certainly bring some trouble to the e-cigarettes.

If there are many e-cigarette brands, how do you choose them? The old driver of electronic cigarette products, helen zhou from China will tell you in detail about the differences between different e-cigarette brands and how to choose them.

First of all, you need to change the stereotype that the quality of electronic cigarettes isrelated to the electronic smoke. Actually, there is no relationship between them. Therefore, according to the brand to determine the amount of smoke, this view is wrong.

Second, if you want to quit smoking, then you should choose a product with a small amount of smoke, otherwise it is difficult to achieve the effect of smoking cessation.

In general, the product of the big smoke has DIY attribute, need more professional knowledge to be able to manage, the novice is difficult to get started.

From the perspectives of strength, after-sales, popularity, and globalization are Zhuoer Yue Changzhou, Jiangsu, the host manufacturers, the world's OEM, has been the leader in electronic cigarette products, most manufacturers currently on the market are based on the products of Zall as the model.

SMOK Shenzhen, the classic brand, the global market share is very high, brand recognition is very high, many stars are using SMOK products.

Clay Peng Shenzhen, the classic label, has launched several phenomenal classic model.

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