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How Much You Know AboutiStick Power Nano Kit 40W ?

Tiny yet efficient, the iStick Power Nano 40W is perfect for low profile vaping. The compact size allows this unit to be carried around without being too cumbersome and can easily be thrown in a pocket or purse. Integrated with an internal 1100mAh battery, the battery is charged via micro USB. Featuring a max 40 watt output, the iStick Power Nano may be small, but it can still pack a small punch.

Included in the Full Kit is the Melo 3 Nano Atomizer. The Melo 3 maintains a low profile design and a 2.0mL tank capacity. Filling is done through the top of the unit by simply screwing off the top of the tank, exposing the inner tank section. The adjustable airflow has been cleverly hidden at the bottom of the unit also helping the tank's low profile design.
See more at: http://www.istick.org/eleaf-istick-power-nano-tc-40w-kit.html

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