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4 Genius Ways to Wear a Crop Top Without Showing Any Skin

When skinny jeans were first introduced into our fashion lexicon, they were sported mainly by runway models to events and parties. In those early days, a friend told me she thought the new pant style was "cruel and unusual." Of course, by now they're a wardrobe staple and I think my hesitant friend may even have one or two pairs herself.

The introduction of a new silhouette, particularly one that seems difficult for the average woman to wear, can take time before being fully embraced by the public. Case in point: the crop top. The sheer variety available tells us this is a style that's here to stay. So we thought we'd work what could be a "cruel and unusual" cut (that potentially serves to remind us of the six pack we don't have) into something not only wearable, but covetable.

Behold: four looks that involve cropped styles without bearing your midsection. And here's a piece of parting advice: when it comes to playing with hemline and shape, keep your accessories to a minimum. Let the threads be the star of your cropped show.

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